Stack the Countries

Discovered this app last night after being reminded how I wish I was a lot better at geography than I am now. So far, I’m just at level one (it has that annoying habit that some app games do of making you unlock games) but I’ve loved it so far. It’s a nice distraction for the bus that’s entertaining enough to hold it’s own as a game to play on the bus ride home at the end of a long workday, but also seems like it will help my skills at geography to improve!

It’s $1.99 on i-tunes, which is totally worth it.




The countries are made into weird, but kind of adorable and Veggie Tales-esque pieces.


If you’re trying to get points fast, play North America and hope they ask you a question about Canada.




2$ inspiration

Finally got inspired with a box of 2$ oil pastels from Dollorama and tinkered while watching Coast II with Neil Oliver. Determined to practice architectural drawing but symmetry isn’t always my forte. I made the sketch book over 10 years ago and found it again while snooping in my mom’s basement and was determined to use it.

I’m fairly impressed with the pastels so far. The texture is softer than usual for a cheap set which means they blend well but get on hands easier.