I blame the name of this blog entirely on the fact that when field for the blog name was in front of me, I looked over and the first thing I saw was my large papier mache chicken staring back at me. His name is Monty and i interited him from friends when they moved.

You probably won’t see pictures of food on here – I can cook and enjoy it when I have time, but everything in between tends to be a hodgepodge of snacks and frozen dinners. I find the greens I buy for salads and to garnish my masterpieces a month later in the back of my fridge as wilted sludge in a bag. I have successfully made a few of Julia Child’s recipes. I can make complex things like cream puffs and souffles, but I can’t cook rice worth a darn.

I don’t have a cute little dog or cats or kids or a significant other that will show up on here (lucky for you, you won’t have to hear about “boyfriend” or “hubby”!) . I do  have a betta named Algernon, and though quite entertaining for a feisty, hungry little fish, he’s still a fish.

This blog is dedicated to the weird and wonderful worlds of design, art, travel, history and whatever else may come along!



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